June & July Exhibit

Exhibit: Daniel Livingston: "Bank of the State Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Exhibit Series"
June 7-July 26, 2019
First Friday June 7, 2019 from 5-8 p.m. 


The University Gallery is proud to present the Bank of the State Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Exhibit Series. The series showcases the history of the city learned from the archaeological excavations of the Bank of the State site in downtown Tuscaloosa where the Embassy Suites Hotel stands.The first exhibition, Tuscaloosa and the Capital Period, highlights the early history of Tuscaloosa from 1819 to 1850. During this time, Tuscaloosa became the established county seat, was selected as the capital of the state, and saw tremendous growth and development. This downtown block was one of the first established areas in the new town that featured private homes, businesses, and the Bank of the State. The exhibit features five key individuals who lived and worked on this block as well as a wealth of artifacts showcasing what life was like on the frontier. Visit the University Gallery and experience the histories of the people who lived on this notable block 200 years ago and view the artifacts recovered from the excavations.The Tuscaloosa Bicentennial Exhibit Series is brought to you through a collaborative partnership of UA Museums’ Units:

Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum
Office of Archaeological Research
Department of Research and Collections
with generous contributions from Tom McMillan

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